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Guide Dust - Dry Coat Defect Detection 100g

Product Code: COFC1100100
Price: £15.12

Product Features:


    Less wastage - dry use and powder based product with no overspray


    Reduced work time - can be sanded immediately with no time required for drying


    Quick & simple - easy to apply with instant results


    Solvent free - reduces the amount of solvents used in bodyshops and is EU compliant

Guide Dust is the fastest and most cost effective system for highlighting surface imperfections. Available in 100g tubs and packaged with an easy to use foam applicator. This dry, powder based product is intended for use on all modern paint systems.

How To Use:
-For MS Paint
-For UHS/Scratch Resistant Clears
-Silicone Free
-For use by hand
-For HS Paints