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Glass Panel Filter 290x290x47 mm (30-4224)

Product Code: BOF016
Price: £11.76


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Frame is manufactured from heavy duty card - Supporting card lattice on both faces - Filter media encapsulated between lattice faces
Glass filters are used for things like general heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems where protection is required from larger particle contamination.

All Dust Spares panel filter adhere to stringent test standards which follow two parts - Arrestance and Efficiency.

Arrestance Test - covers low to medium grade filters and is known as the A.S.H.R.A.E. 52-76 Synthetic Dust Weight Arrestance Test. The test dust is a blend of 3 different types of dust which are fed to the filter at a known and controlled rate.

Efficiency Test - covers a staining test that gives a value known as The Average Atmospheric Dust Spot Efficiency. The test solely employs atmospheric contaminants and is therefore an excellent guide as to the actual amount of Staining Contaminant the filter will retain.