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2K-Epoxy Top Coats - Gloss - EP 200-90 5KG

Product Code: IMIEP200-90
Price: £0.01
2K epoxy resin top coat for steel, zinc, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced plastic and mineral substrates. Suitable as chemical protective and floor coating. FOR PRICES AND INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US.

Product Features:


    electrostatically applicable


    very high chemical and mechanical resistance (protection coat against chemicals)


    high abrasion resistance, can be driven on by fork lifts


    Steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced materials and concrete

2K-epoxid resin coating suitable for steel, zinc plated steel, aluminium, glas fibre reinforced materials and mineral substrates. Recommended also for use as protection coat on flooring in workshops and warehousing. Product Information Mipa EP 200-90 Fuebodenbeschichtung gives the method of application and features for this special use. FOR PRICES AND INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US.

High Abrasion Resistance, Suitable for Forklift Traffic. High resistance against Chemical and Mechanical strain, excellent adhesion.

Suitable for: Loading platforms on vehicles, Floor Coating, as an intermediate coat for high anti-corrosion protection.