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1K Glass Primer 1Lt - MIPA

Product Code: PRMI224610000
Price: £29.42
Transparent special adhesion promoter for paintwork on glass surfaces. Ready to spray or wipe.

Product Features:




    Spray and wipe application

Mipa 1K-Glasprimer serves as adhesion promoter for glass surfaces before applying Mipa 2K acrylic and PUR topcoats or Mipa two-coat basecoats. In general, sufficient adhesion strength is ensured on most glass surfaces. On difficult glass surfaces or in case of particularly high requirements on glass coatings it is recommended to use Mipa Glashrter PU 950-25 in combination with a subsequent Mipa 2K-coating. Please consider the technical data sheet of Mipa PU 950-25. For glass coatings it is generally recommended to test the suitability by an appropriate sample coating.
Mipa 1K-Glasprimer changes the polarity of glass surface and improves thereby the adhesion on glass for subsequent paint coatings.