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2K-Epoxy-Primer / Filler - EP 100-20 5KG

Product Code: IMIEP100-20
Price: £55.75
Chromate free, 2K-zinc-phosphateepoxy resin primer for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced plastic and mineral substrates. Suitable as primary coat for chemical protection and under water paint, as well as intermediate coating for EP-zinc-dust primary coats. FOR PRICES AND INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US.

Product Features:


    excellent protection against corrosion


    electrostatically applicable


    outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance


    usable as insulation on thermoplastic substrate

Chromate free groundcoat based on 2K zinc phosphate epoxy resin, suitable for steel, zinc plated steel, aluminium, glas fibre reinforced materials and mineral substrates. Recommended as groundcoat for use underwater and as protection coat against chemical agents. Also suitable as intermediate coat by the application of EP-Zinkstaubgrundierung. FOR PRICES AND INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US.

Recoatable after one hour, up to max 24 hours without sanding. Good anti-corrosion Protection against salt water.

Suitable for: Steel Constructions, Containers, Metal Shelving, Plant Equipment, Vehicle Parts, Mineral Substrates.